London Underground Approved Products
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London Underground Approved Products

Product  DescriptionUsed On
 8800414 MTTIS  Manual Tunnel Track Isolating Switch 4kA 2 Pole (Tunnel) Metronet Rail SSL
8800411 RCTIS  RCTIS Remote Controlled Track Isolating Disconnector Switch 4kA 2 Pole Metronet Rail SSL
8800410 MDS  MDS Track Isolating Manual Disconnector Switch 4kA 2 Pole (Slimline) Metronet Rail SSL
8800409 CP  2 Pole Contactor Panel with Remote Control Acton Depot
8800397 MDS  Track Isolating MDS Manual Disconnector Switch 4kA 2 Pole Metronet Rail SSL
8800364 RCTIS  Remote Controlled Track Isolating Switch 4kA 2 Pole (Tunnel) Metronet Rail BCV
8800363 MCOIS  Manual Changeover Isolating Switch 4kA 2 Pole Metronet Rail BCV
8800361 MTTIS  Manual Track Isolating Switch 4kA 2 Pole (Tunnel) Metronet Rail BCV
8800360 MTIS  Manual Track Isolating  Switch 4kA 2 Pole Metronet Rail BCV
8800352 RCTIS  4 kA RCTIS 2 Pole Motorised Switch Stanmore 3rd Platform
8800327 TTSS  Motorised Track Isolating Switch RCTIS 2 Pole (Tunnel) & Remote Baker St
8800318 RCTIS  3kA RCTIS  2 Pole Motorised Switch - SCADA Heathrow T5
8800317 RCTIS  3kA RCTIS  2 Pole Motorised Switch Wembley Park Sidings
8800314 COSI  Cleaning Road Overhead Status Indicator (with alarm & beacon) Upminster Depot
8800307 MDDS  Motor Driven Disconnector Switch  (London Rd) BCV DEISIP Project
8800306 MDDS  Motor Driven Disconnector Switch LH (Queens Park) BCV DEISIP Project
8800305 MDDS  Motor Driven Disconnector Switch RH (Queens Park) BCV DEISIP Project
8800303 MP  Mimic Panel Waterloo and City BCV DEISIP Project
8800302 MP  Mimic Panel Queens Park BCV DEISIP Project
8800301 MP  Mimic Panel Hainault BCV DEISIP Project
8800299 MP  Mimic Panel London Road BCV DEISIP Project
8800298 MP  Mimic Panel Ruislip BCV DEISIP Project
8800297 MP  Mimic Panel Northumberland Park BCV DEISIP Project
8800296 MP  Mimic Panel Stonebridge Park BCV DEISIP Project
8800295   Contactor Panel 200A (Waterloo and City) BCV DEISIP Project
8800293 OSI  Overhead Conductor Rail Status Indicator (less than 60V) BCV DEISIP Project
8800292 COSI  Cleaning Road Overhead Status Indicator (with alarm & beacon) BCV DEISIP Project
8800291 PP  Power Pedestal (200A) BCV DEISIP Project
8800290 OST  Overhead Switchable Trolley 150A BCV DEISIP Project
8800289 CRCP  Cleaning Road Contactor Panel BCV DEISIP Project
8800288 CP  Contactor Panel BCV DEISIP Project
8800287 SBI  Shed Board Isolator BCV DEISIP Project
8800286 MDS  Manual Disconnector Switch BCV DEISIP Project
8800284 CWRC  Remote Controlled Wash Road Contactor Upminster Depot
8800283 RCTIS  2 Switch Remote Control Panel Lathe Road Upminster Depot
8800268 MTIS  3kA MTIS II Depot Various LUL Projects
8800219 FU  Rail Mounted Fuse Enclosure Various LUL Projects
8800219A FU  Rail Mounted Fuse Enclosure (Tunnel lighting Fuse 5A) Various LUL Projects
8800219B FU  Rail Mounted Fuse Enclosure (TED Fuse 0.8A) Various LUL Projects
8800209 RCTIS  3kA RCTIS Depot Train Cleaning Road Isolator Northfields Depot
8800203 RCTIS  3kA RCTIS Depot Under Wheel Lathe Isolator & Remote Control Various LUL Projects
8800115 TSSN  4kA Surface Switch Jubilee Line Extension
8800098 TSSM  Tunnel switch IP67 Various LUL Projects
8800076 TTSS  4kA Tunnel Switch Jubilee Line Extension
8800075 TCOS  4kA Changeover Switch Jubilee Line Extension
8800074 TSS  4kA Surface Switch Jubilee Line Extension
8800073 TCOS  2kA Changeover Switch Jubilee Line Extension
8800072 RCTIS  2 kA RCTIS 2 Pole Remote Controlled Track Isolating Disconnector Switch Jubilee Line Extension