National Rail Approved Products
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National Rail Approved Products

Product  DescriptionNetwork Rail
Cat No.
Approval No.
 8800416CP 2PS 2 Panel Switchboard 100A Modular type  055/04060 PA05/002022
 8800415CP 2PS  2 Panel Switchboard 200A Modular type 055/04060 PA05/002022
 8800401ML PLCS  PLC Control Panel for Contactor Suite  PA05/04303/T
 8800400ML CP  2 Pole 3.2kA Thameslink Contactor Panel  PA05/04303/T
 8800399ML   Circuit Breaker and Contactor Suite  PA05/04303/T
8800366 ML CP  2 Pole 3.2kA Thameslink Contactor Panel  PA05/03760/T
8800382 CP 3PS  3 Panel Switchboard 100A Modular type 055/04060 PA05/002022
8800381 CP 2PS  2 Panel Switchboard 100A Modular type 055/04060 PA05/002022
 8800345ML SD  Supply Disconnector LCS2 (1-0) 4kA Track Switch
with Interlocks & Aux Switches
 055/028645 PA05/454
8800331ML BD  Motor Driven Bonding Device 4.4kA 092/000969 PA05/03165
8800330ML BD  Motor Driven Bonding Disconnector 2.0kA092/001037  PA05/02927
8800324ML BD  Motor Driven Bonding Disconnector 1.6kA 092/001036 PA05/02927
8800271SA DCDS  SF10 1 pole 5.6kA Motorised (BR Spec DCDS)  PA05/02100
8800270SA DCDS  SF10 1 pole 5.6kA Motorised (BR Spec DCDS)  PA05/02100
8800259ML CTS  5kA CTS Controlled Track Switch 055/028655 PA05/02033
8800258ML CTS  3.2kA CTS Controlled Track Switch 055/028654 PA05/02033
8800248CP   Changeover 50A Switchboard 055/04060 PA05/02022
8800237ML TINB  Track Isolating & Negative bonding Switch 055/028656 PA05/02034
8800236SA DCDS  SF10 1 pole 5.6kA Motorised (BR Spec DCDS) 055/028662 PA05/02100
8800215CP 2PS  2 Panel Switchboard - London Bridge 055/04060 PA05/002022
8800195CP 3PS  3 Panel Switchboard - London Bridge 055/04060 PA05/002022
8800185ML SD  Supply Disconnector LCS2 (1-0) 4kA Track Switch 055/028645 PA05/454
8800181SA DCDS  SF10 1 pole 4.4kA Motorised (BR Spec DCDS) 055/028661 PA05/02100
8800157ML SD  Supply Disconnector LCS1 (1-0) I 2kA 3kV Track Switch 055/028644 PA05/454
8800113ML CTS  4 kA CTS Mk II 055/028658 PA05/02035
8800106ML CTS  2kA CTS Mk II 055/028657 PA05/02035
858961 MLBD  Motor Driven Bonding Disconnector 1.6kA 092/001035 PA05/02927