Docklands Light Railway Beckton Depot Extension
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Docklands Light Railway Beckton Depot Extension


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3-car Capacity Enhancement started in early 2010 known as the Capacity Enhancement Project was completed on the DLR routes to Bank and Lewisham.

The works would allow the operation of longer 3-car length trains providing greater capacity, reducing crowding on the route and allowing passengers to board the first train - reducing the overall time to complete a journey on the DLR.

LCS is provide the shore supply system from the Road Track Feeders to the Road Contactor Suites, feeding the Overhead Tow Trolleys for the extended depot.

The extended depot roads can take the extended 3 car DLR trains without uncoupling to fit into the depot.

The new Contactors provide safe isolation and bonding for the depot maintenance.

The improved efficiency of the depot will mean that maintenance time will be reduced and train numbers more easily maintained around the system and mean time between failures substantially increased.




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