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Thameslink Ludgate Cellars


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LCS designed Integrated Circuit Breaker Contactor & Motorised Isolator suites provided the automated changeover from DC to AC traction systems. This system ensures that the dual supply period is kept to a minimum to avoid stray current generation by the two power supplies.

The Thameslink is intended to have a greatly increased number of trains per hour through its new changeover at Ludgate Cellars (Blackfriars). To ensure that train movements are maintained there is a secondary Circuit Breaker, Contactor & Motorised Isolator suite.

A PLC System designed by LCS is used to sequence control and monitor the traction power systems. The system is used to seamlessly changeover to a hot standby secondary suite if a fault is detected. The PLC can ensure that this disruption is kept to a minimum thus saving a considerable amounts cost due to downtime.

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