4 Pole Isolating and Bonding Unit - 415V AC 250A
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4 Pole Isolating and Bonding Unit - 415V AC 250A

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Isolating and Bonding Unit for a nuclear research centre Magnet power supply.

Consisting of an on-load Contactor, a motorised off-load Disconnector, fuses and a control circuit.

Isolation of 415V supplies, for maintenance.


Off load (1-2) 4 Pole 500A Disconnector driven by a 230V

AC motor

The changeover switch, switches the output between the 415V AC Supply and Earth


415V AC 400A AC3





Separate Fuse & Control / isolator & Contactor bays

Top cable exit for 3ph armoured cables

Bottom cable entry for 3ph armoured cables

Manual handle interlock

Isolator door interlock

LED Indicators to show the status of the 415V Supply output

Cubicle Construction

2mm sheet steel

Internal Finish White anti-condensation paint

External Finish Grey RAL 7032



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