Industrial Isolators 40A - 1600A 1000V AC
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Industrial Isolators 40A - 1600A 1000V AC

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Multi-pole construction 2, 3 or 4 pole standard, On Load Disconnector

Visible breaking contacts (through window).

High speed mechanism

Silver plated copper contacts.

Breaking chambers on all poles made from GRP (UL 94 VO)

High make and break capacity (AC23 & DC23 rating)

Right hand side operation

Wall Mounting

Cases with a degree of protection to IP 547

Padlocking handles (3 padlocks to IEC947-3)

Top and bottom cable entry



Fuse Switches.

Control or indication microswitches


Isolation in Steel works, foundries, industrial plants where a high degree of protection & reliability is required.


Electrical Characteristics & Dimensions

Conform to IEC 408. NFC 63130 & EN 60947-3

Voltage 1000V

Current 40-1600A

Length 266 mm

Height 335 mm

Depth 156 mm


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