LCS at INFRARAIL 2016, EXCEL, LONDON 12th to 14th April 2016
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LCS at INFRARAIL 2016, EXCEL, LONDON 12th to 14th April 2016


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The LCS stand gave a hint why they are Britain’s leading supplier of DC Trackside Switchgear. The stand contained a varied sample of the differing types of DC Railway switchgear in the LCS portfolio. 

On the Left Hand side of the stand there was a 4000A Track Disconnector (TIS) in its GRP enclosure (grey enclosure in the photograph). This is used extensively by Network Rail for mainline and depot isolations.

Alongside the TIS was a post mounted 2000A Track Feeder Isolator as used by Docklands Light Railway. This is a motor driven off load isolation and bonding device. This was fully operational on the stand and could be operated from the Mimic Panel or the touch screens. 

The centre of the stand had a fully operating Mimic Panel with controls and indications for the switches on the stand.

Working with and mirroring the mimic panels were 2 Touch Screens allowing control and indication from 3 independent panels.

A composite insulated Conductor Rail Mounted Fuse as used by London Underground was also on display on the centre console.

On the Right Hand side of the stand.

In the corner was a Power Pedestal as used in London Underground Depots. This was alongside a full height poster of the Overhead Trolley which is the equivalent of the Pedestal in examination roads in depots. 

To the front there was a 4000A single pole motor driven tunnel switch (half tunnel switch). To fit the space on the stand a single positive pole version of the tunnel switch that is extensively used on the London Underground. 

In front of the tunnel switch on a piece of conductor rail a pair of Gap Jumper Shoes were on display. These are used to provide power to a ‘gapped’ stranded train. The shoes connect the train temporarily to an adjacent track to allow it to reinstate its own connection to the conductor rail. 

LCS also offer servicing, maintenance and on site commissioning. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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