Main Line
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Main Line

LCS provide On-load and Off-Load DC switchgear enclosures for isolation and safe maintenance of the modern highly reliable Mainline Railway systems.

These range from 2000A - 4400A typically but applications have been as high as 10000A.

Typical configurations are as follows:

  • Track Isolation
  • Substation Bypass
  • Section Isolation (Track Sectioning)
  • Track/Overhead line Isolation & Bonding
  • Track Selection (Changeover)
  • Negative Bonding

Conductor Rail Heating Panels to melt snow and ice on the conductor rails are provided by LCS to keep the railways moving in the depth of winter.

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Underground & Mass Transit

LCS provide switchgear enclosures for these transit systems

Rail Depots

LCS provides the switchgear for the complete shore supply system

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