Main Line
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Main Line

LCS provide On-load and Off-Load DC switchgear enclosures for isolation and safe maintenance of the modern highly reliable Mainline Railway systems.

These range from 2000A - 4400A typically but applications have been as high as 10000A.

Typical configurations are as follows:

  • Track Isolation
  • Substation Bypass
  • Section Isolation (Track Sectioning)
  • Track/Overhead line Isolation & Bonding
  • Track Selection (Changeover)
  • Negative Bonding

Conductor Rail Heating Panels to melt snow and ice on the conductor rails are provided by LCS to keep the railways moving in the depth of winter.

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Rail Sectors

Underground & Mass Transit

LCS provide switchgear enclosures for these transit systems

Rail Depots

LCS provides the switchgear for the complete shore supply system

Case Studies

Track Feeder Switches for Merseyrail

The Track Feeder Switch (TFS) is required to bring isolations of the 750V DC conductor rail into line with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

The TFS isolates the live conductor from its sources of energisation (Electricity at Work Act Regulation 12) and securely protects against inadvertent re-energisation from any source (Electricity at Work Act Regulation 13) by being connected to the negative pole of the supply via the bonding switch.

Currently being installed on Merseyrail


Network Rail CP5 Switchgear

L.C. Switchgear are supplying Controlled Track Switches (CTS) and Negative Short Circuiting Devices (NSCD) for CP5.

Thameslink Ludgate Cellars

LCS designed Integrated Circuit Breaker Contactor & Motorised Isolator suites provided the automated changeover from DC to AC traction systems.

Conductor Rail Heating Panels for Network Rail

LCS developed and subsequently supplied a number of fully compliant remotely operated units to Network Rail.

Network Rail CP4 Switchgear

L.C. Switchgear are supplying Controlled Track Switches (CTS) for CP4, which were the same as the Controlled Track Switch (CTS) products used on the Power Supply Upgrade and the Channel Tunnel Reinforcement projects.

North London Line

In conjunction with the works leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games, the North London Line from Willesden High Level to Stratford via Gospel Oak, is being upgraded with enhancements to the Signalling, Permanent Way, and Civil Engineering and Telecommunications systems.

East London Line New Cross Depot Contactors and Buffer Zone

Road contactors provide the 750V DC supply to Trolleys & Pedestals which provide the shore supply for the rolling stock.

Channel Tunnel Rail Link Spark Gap & Non Linear Resistor Enclosures

Completion of the CTRL Spark Gap resistor project was done in a very short lead-time.