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Rail Depots

LCS provides the switchgear for the complete shore supply system from the Isolating and Changeover Supply Isolators, through the Road Contactor Suites, to Overhead Switchable Trolleys & Pedestals to the train. DDM Mimic Panels & Overhead Status Indicators provide feed-back to the DDM, operators and maintainers.

EPO Emergency Power Off Panels monitor for emergency stop pushbutton operation and control the removal of power in the depot in a safely and reliably. These panels also allow the depot manager to quickly ascertain which emergency button has been operated to allow the emergency to be evaluated and if the system is ok to quickly reset it.

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Rail Sectors

Underground & Mass Transit

LCS provide switchgear enclosures for these transit systems

Rail Depots

LCS provides the switchgear for the complete shore supply system

Main Line

LCS provide On-load and Off-Load DC switchgear enclosures Mainline Railway systems

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