Depot PP 2 Pole Power Pedestal 150A or 200A with Optional Boom
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Depot PP 2 Pole Power Pedestal 150A or 200A with Optional Boom

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PP 2 Pole Power Pedestal 150A or 200A with Optional Boom London Underground

Application – On Load

The Road 630V DC is then fed directly from the Contactor to the Power Pedestal.

Two 110V AC control supply is also derived from the respective Contactor panel.

The Shore Supply Plug is fitted with a Plug Engaged sensor which inhibits the application of Traction Power to the train unless a magnet in the train receptacle to detected.

The Pedestal supplies Traction Power to trains in depot lifting sheds via a Shore Supply Plug. The Shore Supply Plug is stowed in the area underneath the Local Operator Station and the cable is coiled either on the end of a middle road enclosure or on the boom or wall bracket for outer road enclosures.

There is a frangible link that disconnects under strain thus preventing damage to the pedestal should the train be moved out of the depot with the plug remaining in the train receptacle.

Shore supply status beacons are positioned on top of the Power Pedestal enclosure


Traction grade bar type 2 Pole Contactor


Positive and negative traction grade fuses



Protected for internal use

60mm Electrical Clearance

Doors that give access for maintenance are interlocked with the road contactor panel isolator

The enclosure is segregated into three areas:

The lower left hand section houses the two traction fuses and the supply connection lugs

The top section houses the contactor, the voltage monitor & fuses, isolation relay and earth leakage CT

The lower right hand section houses the earth leakage detector and the control equipment


Floor mounted


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