Depot Mimic Panel System Wall Mounted
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Depot Mimic Panel System Wall Mounted

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WMM – Wall Mounted Mimic Panel System


Mimic for a depot supply system with indication of the power supply configuration and status.

The Mimic Panel System consists of three cabinets:

Mimic Panel Display Cabinet (located within the DDM office)

Status Monitor Cabinet 1 (located within Switchroom)

Status Monitor Cabinet 2 (located within Switchroom)


The cabinets are interconnected by a two-wire communications link (data-bus) for data exchange.

The cabinet has an engraved front-panel that shows a simple geographic plan of the depot.

Status Indicators on the panel will be illuminated to indicate the status of all monitored equipment.

Incomers / Circuit Breakers (CB)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

Emergency Power Off (EPO) Systems

Shed Isolators

Road Power Supplies

Overhead Status Indicators (OSIs)

The Mimic Panel Status Indicators (LEDs) are connected to the Output Modules located inside the Mimic Panel Display Cabinet.

The depot equipment Status Signals are connected to the Input Modules located inside the Status Monitor Cabinet(s).

The PLC executes a software program that is specifically written for each depot.

This program is stored on the memory cartridge installed into the PLC. The PLC communicates with the Input / Output Modules via the Master Module and data-bus.

All depot Status Signals are repeatedly scanned and analysed every 136mS.

If any Changes of Status or Fault conditions are identified the audible alarm will be sounded and the appropriate Status Indicator(s) are flashed.

As used on the BCV Metronet DEISIP Project


Engraved & Filled Aluminium

Welded sheet steel enclosure

IP 52

Painted Grey. RAL 7032

Clear interlocking procedures for maintenance

LED Indication for a long life

110V AC ±10%, 50Hz, single phase


Wall mounted in DDM control rooms


Control cabling via un-drilled steel gland plates


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