AC or DC Contactors
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AC or DC Contactors

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Voltage: up to 1000V AC or 2000V DC - Current: up to 25,000A



Modular construction

Ability to mix AC and DC poles

High fault withstand capability

Silver-plated copper contacts

High make and break capacity (AC1 & DC1 rating)

Mechanical latch facility

Manual release facility

Arc blow out coil with cages

Wide range of coil voltages

Locking facility

No Asbestos parts



Enclosures to customer specifications

Control or indication microswitches

Special higher current ratings available on request

Can be fitted as part of a system



Railways, Trams, Metros, Underground, Trolley buses, Mining industries, Power generation and UPS supply.


Electrical Characteristics

Conform to IEC 158-1 VDE0660. NFC 63100, EN 60947-4 and SNCF Cat 1 & 2


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