Off Load, Fault Make Disconnectors
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Off Load, Fault Make Disconnectors

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Standard Range 800 – 7500A 1000 or 1500V AC / DC


The SF off load / fault make switch consists of:

The disconnector unit which carries the rated current of the switch via an assembly of knife blades and jaws mounted in parallel


Visible breaking with a large isolation distance due to the opening angle of 90„a

The contacts are specifically designed to produce stable temperature rise characteristics


Insulating parts made from glass reinforced polyester.

Stainless steel springs, mechanism and clamps.

Silver-plated thermal contacts.

Thermal contacts with knife blades and jaws, providing:

a) Better electrical contact, the knife blades - jaws system provides two contact surfaces (one each side of the blade) unlike a contact point in a pressure system. This minimises the switch temperature rise.

b) Better short circuit withstand current is obtained using the dynamic electric-force that results from the shape of the blades.



Hoists and Handling

Isolation of industrial cranes using DC electric motors

Inverters and Rectifiers

DC supply isolation of excitation circuits of generators.

Breaking and isolation of either the rectifier or the inverter (isolation for repairing one unit without interruption of the others)

For the above applications, it is possible to isolate the DC and AC simultaneously with one operation.

Electric Traction

Subways, tramways, trolley busses, and railways

Fixed equipment: - distribution of power from substations and track sectioning.

Rolling equipment: - general isolation of traction power.


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